4 common mistakes homeowners make when moving to a new house


After you find your new home, you have to make sure that the actual moving process goes on smoothly. Here are four mistakes movers make when moving to a new house.

Not getting quote in person

Most people obtain quote over the phone or the Internet. Any quote that is obtained in this way is non-binding. That is, if the cost of moving goes up than that mentioned in the quote, then the customer cannot complain. You must do a visual survey of your household goods by a reputable mover and get a guaranteed quote.

Waiting too long to hire a mover

You must make your visual survey at least 4 to 6 weeks before you plan to move. Summer times are busy and so you might not find any mover if you don’t book them early.

Misrepresenting what you are moving

You should show everything you plan to move to the surveyor. If you add things later, your quote won’t be binding anymore. You will also waste time in packing the extra items later. If you are unsure whether to take certain things or not, ask the surveyor to put those items in the list anyway. It is better to cut down cost later, than to add more.

Hiring a mover based upon price rather than reputation and service

Don’t hire a mover only because they are providing the service at a lower price. You must check the reputation of the company and also the quality of service they provide. Movers that provide cheaper service may not provide a good service. For example, the van they will bring will not be sufficient enough to transport all your stuffs together. If you transport it in two trips then you might lose some items. So, even if it costs you a little more, always hire someone with good reputation.

If you plan to move in the future, try to avoid these mistakes. By planning to move ahead of time, you can move very comfortably.

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